Collaborative Design

Our approach to design is very inclusive in that the client is given an opportunity to have an input at every stage of design. We achieve this by sitting with our clients whether in person or via a digital meeting platform at the very beginning of the design stage to design the project together. Huram Design Studio does not have a practice style, so each project is tailored to the client's individual requirements and tastes.  

Planning Applications

As soon as we decide on a design that suits the clients' needs then we proceed to the planning application stage.

It must be noted that not all projects require planning application. Some projects will qualify for "Permitted Development", however it is in the property owner's best interest for us to apply for a "Certificate of Lawful Development" from the local council to prove that the works you plan to do are allowed under the Permitted Development Scheme.

There are several other types of applications that may be needed depending on what we would like to achieve or where the building is located i.e. in a Conservation Area, these application include Listed Building Consent, and Prior Approval to name a few.

Building Plans